Water Series Session: Developing a Woodland Water Code, what do buyers and investors want from water credits?

8th February, 1200 – 1300

Join the team at Forest Research developing a Woodland Water Code, for one of our winter sessions, part of our ‘Water Series: Options for Developing a Market for the Water Environment’.

This lunchtime seminar will provide an overview of the proposed approach for creating water credits through a Woodland Water Code and present the key discussion questions related to the drivers and barriers for investing in woodlands for water. This will be followed by an open discussion, giving participants the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.

A briefing note will be provided ahead of the seminar outlining the key discussion topics.

Who should attend: Anyone who is interested in investing in woodlands for water.

Registration link: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/ZzWSG70HwUqF8kXtom2DfA,tGtdjjx2ckehNyiqgXdDtA,pibsLIEPmUCNuRrZV19m3w,UxLHknXNOke8lL390d37bw,KsKtIzACL0iEKIEsJ7_sfg,V_mtYl5IREqU57kVydrmFQ?mode=read&tenantId=1b923567-07bd-4ac1-85f2-45eda26d837c