The Digital Enablers for Natural Capital is a newly formed hub to explore how the digital environment can support the protection, valuation and restoration of natural capital in Scotland.


To convene interested parties to explore and share learning about nature tech (defined as – digital technologies that measure nature) to contribute to an enabling environment for natural capital in Scotland




Explore the application and interpretation of nature tech.
Provide the business case for the use of digital enablers for natural capital to allow organisations to be more resilient to change and able to move quickly and collaboratively as the demands evolve.
Contribute to knowledge sharing and innovation and collaborative activities in this space, particularly in connection with the work of the Scottish Nature Finance Pioneers.
Update and maintain an online resource.


The Digital Enablers hub sits within a suite of networks of the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, and filters and feeds across topics as a cross-cutting enabler of multiple objectives. Find out more


Increased understanding amongst our networks of how nature tech enables natural capital practice in Scotland.
Connected pipelines of data development – enabling open source, and shared governance principles
Mobilised activity for nature tech – an increased use of recognised tools to support measurement, analysis and disclosure of nature impacts and dependencies.
An accessible, interactive, effective resource hub.




Be part of a safe, transparent and vibrant space for members to engage in and share ideas, where all contributions are valued and respected.


Be aware of new knowledge, new initiatives and take opportunities.


Be responsive to learning and flexible to change.


Be cooperative, participatory and communicative